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    AI-guided optimization of information technology


  2. What we do

    We process things with AI (artificial intelligence) -

    to eliminate our customers obstacles in information technology.

    The missing link! Coming soon...

    More info about AI: A brief approach On AI

    Information technology devices and systems will be implanted into humans, enhancing psychological and behavioral abilities and allowing for direct communication with artificial intelligent minds. There will be both artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligence amplification (IA) in the relatively near future.

    Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence by Tom Lombardo, Ph.D. Full article (pdf)

    Man at last knows that he is alone in the unfeeling immensity of the universe, out of which he emerged only by chance. Neither his destiny nor his duty have been written down. The kingdom above or the darkness below: it is for him to choose.

    -- Jacques Monod, Chance and Necessity, 1970
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